Do you remember the pay off of IAA 2010? “Padoan working in progress”.
Yes, a leading company looking for new solutions, products, markets and strategies with the aim to develop worldwide its brand and its products made in Italy.

2011 has been a very important and good year for Padoan group, focused on the internationalization attending international events with excellent results for its presence on the global market.
The fair Comtrans (Moscow) for the Russian and Asian market, an experience already made in the past years, has represented a strategic place for the sale of Padoan's products to the industrial vehicles industry in the Eastern European and Asian countries; growing countries thanks to their economy and their structure, this means a growing interest in the product range offered by Padoan.

In the other part of the world, Padoan has reached South America. The design, the technology and the functionality of Padoan's tanks are very requested in Chile, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay and Colombia.
South America represents a growing market and assures a growing cooperation with Italian and Venetian companies, as confirmed by the presence in Chile and in Brazil of several local companies.
We can mention among the strategies of Padoan SudAmérica: the presence with an own stand at the Exhibition Fenatran (Sao Paulo), one of the main world event dedicated to the industrial vehicle; important meetings and new business opportunities have been developed during the Expotransporte ANPACT in Mexico with a huge success for Padoan's products.

Padoan is not only increasing its presence on the market, the company is constantly developing the technical aspect of its products: research and develop of new products, new simple and efficient applications  in order to propose complete and reliable products, granting quick and easy fitting. The most important solution is represented by the oil tank EVO TANK thanks to its innovative system Evo Filter, a technologically advanced product.

Important aims for the General Direction focused on the research of advanced products “over the tank”.

The question to Stefania and Francesco Padoan is about the new strategies and the new plans for the year 2012.
“The business plan for the next three years is rich in new solutions: new solution for the oil tanks in order to increase the performance of the vehicles; a stronger products distribution on the global market, a new and well-known presence on the local market.

We have only to wait for the next newsletters to know more about Padoan's world.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Experience and companies made in Veneto present in Chile

A meeting about “Chile System”, arranged by the Chilean Ambassy in Italy, by the Chilean Trade and Tourism Office and by the Association of the Venetian enterpreneurs in Chile took place on 17th October in Bassano del Grappa at the Hotel Villa Ca' Sette.
An important opportunity for the Venetian companies situated in Chile, a wonderful country with huge opportunities and important development chances.

During the meeting the main peculiar Chilean features have been explained such as the economical situation, the opportunities for the Italian operators, the most interesting commercial and investment areas, the best sectors, the industrial aspects and their main features.

The main players of this event have been the Venetian managers present in Chile with their companies and products.
Since years Veneto and Chile have been developing a growing cooperation, and this meeting represents an important event.

Padoan srl, one of the participants is an example of made in Italy, which has exported over sea its product, its design and its esperience obtaining a great success.
Padoan group, through Padoan SudAmérica, has transformed Chile and South America in one of the most important markets for the tanks to be mounted on the industrial vehicles.
These are the comments of Mrs Stefania and Mr Francesco Padoan: “We can personally bear witness that Chile represents for us, Italian people, an important opportunity for business and relationship with the people present on this territory.
Furthermore several Chileans are of Italian origin and the so called “made is Italy” is particulary appreciated and requested.
Chilean people are simple and hospitable and very efficient.The Chilean economical, legislative and governement system is very stable and this element is essential for the industrial development promoted by the foreign companies”.


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