The 2012 IAA Fair in Hannover has been a springboard for another new great product “made in Padoan”: the CONCEPT OIL TANK; a prototype especially designed for the market of the industrial vehicles with particular technical requirements.

This new tank is characterized by a particular shape: it is beveled on the front part, where the oil filter is applied.
This shape was created for the following mountings:
-    Mountings with low-slung chassis;
-    Mountings requiring a high number of maintenance services;
-    Mountings operating in difficult climatic conditions and with high working loads;
-    Mountings requiring customized installations.

CONCEPT OIL TANK” also stands out for its inner accessories. It is equipped with:
-    A suction connection positioned on the lower part of the tank, which has a pipe cut on an oblique line. This system avoids the absorption of air;
-    A diffuser applied on the bottom of the filter, avoiding the effects of the cavitation.

The prototype has been studied for the side-mounted tanks with sidewall 500x640.

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At the International 2012 IAA Fair in Hannover, Padoan company presented a preview of a brand new functional system: “EVO 3SOLUTIONs”, an integrated solution including 3 elements: the tank, the air and oil filter and the distributor, all in one exclusive design “made in Padoan”.

This system is something totally new in the oil tanks’ sector; the product can satisfy all the market’s requirements of the Hydraulic installation for industrial vehicles (Wet kit).

These are the main features of EVO 3SOLUTIONs:

-    EVO Filter substitutes the traditional oil return system, the oil level control  and the air breather.
-    The tipping valve is placed on the upper side of the tank, so directly connected to the Evo filter, avoiding its usual position on the sidewall.
-    All the elements are assembled in one single device, respecting the space requirements.
-    More appealing and compact design.
-    The simplification of the installation process in order to make the maintenances easier, improving qualitative and functional aspects.
-    The possibility to install valve pneumatic devices with various configurations of pressure relief valve.
-    The valve flow of 150 lt/min with a variable pressure from 150 to 350 bar, depending on relief valve type mounted.

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