The multifunction oil tank type 70x63

The MF oil tank type 70/63 is going to be furthermore developed: from a niche product to a solution suitable for difficult installations on vehicles with reduced side space.
A lot of producers are developing new chassis for several models of small or big, normal or reinforced industrial vehicles, according to their final use.
The new chassis are closed outside by external protections, which often  limit the space and the possibility to install 700 mm wide tanks. The 70 mm reduced width of tanks type 70/63 assures a quick tank mounting, solving space problems and avoiding expensive fittings as in the past.



The improvement of the technology in the production process, the investment in new products and solutions, the better quality performances and the brand and products promotion belong to the main aims of the company Padoan, they are part of its DNA.

The technical division in cooperation with the production and sales department has updated the whole range of diesel oil and combi tanks in conformity with the new European regulations concerning the homologations (Regulation ECE 34).
The new diesel oil and combi tanks will be produced and homologated according to the new regulation actually in force.
Padoan tanks are always up-to-date and in compliance with the regulations actually in force, in order to offer a service matching the quality level of its products.

The sales department will be at your disposal for any information you may require and will inform the customers about the lastest news.

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