EVO : The EVOlution goes on!

Evo Filter, the innovative filter "all in one ", is a concentrate of technology : oil filler cap, air filter, oil filter and level indicator, all in one device.
Following the success of the first EVO filter, thanks to the suggestions and requests of our customers , Padoan presents a new version, granting higher performance and improved technical features, easier oil control and maintenance.

The innovations of the new EVO filter are the following:

  • New version with increased flow rate up to 250 l / min for use in installations requiring large oil flow capacity. It has the same filter head as the previous version and complies with the standard DIN size of the oil filter cartridge, thus facilitating the availability of spare parts.
  • First version of the EVO filter with increased flow rate, from the former rate of 150 lt / min to the current of 180 lt / min.
  • Revised oil control system, with the new dipstick system which detects even small  level changes, as well as being much more evident and readable, thus facilitating the filling operation and the following controls .
  • New filter head design, with the following features: a larger level indicator with a label that shows the position ; oil filler cap to be opened either with socket or with tubular wrench; an oil cartridge closed by a cap containing a space for a padlock which can avoid dangerous tampering.
  • New filter cartridges, with filtering capacities from 10 microns to 40 microns.

The new EVO filter is available on stock  starting from next January 2015, and can be applied on tanks already equipped with the first version of EVO filter.


PADOAN at IAA 2014


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