Padoan introduced the first samples of oil and diesel oil tanks with the new sidewall 44x54 at the latest IAA fair in Hannover.

The 44x54 project is meant to offer the commercial and industrial vehicles market all dimensions and capacities demanded. This new line is designed for tanks with small capacities and for making their installation in limited spaces easier.
The 44x54 sidewall tanks, as well as all Padoan serial products, are guaranteed by high quality and functional standards.

The 44x54 oil tank has the following features: capacity from 60lt up to a maximum of 100lt (60lt, 70lt, 80lt, 90lt, 100lt), a 1” ¼ suction, two 1” immersed returns, a 45° rotated filter flange and a low cap with anti-splash device.

The 44x54 diesel oil tanks are homologated according to the European Regulation ECE 34 part III. They have capacities 100lt and 300lt (100lt, 150lt, 200lt, 250lt, 300lt).
The peculiarity of this type of diesel oil tanks is the possibility to install them on vehicles with reduced available space, such as Eurocargo (Iveco), Atego (Mercedes), LF (Daf) etc…

The materials used for both tanks types are painted steel and aluminium, chosen according to customers and vehicle needs.

Starting from 1st March 2017 the 44x54 oil and diesel oil tanks will be on stock with a wide range of solutions, equipment and capacities.


Click here for further information or send an email to the sales department commerciale@padoan.it



Padoan is much more than an international company specialized in tanks production. It is a business settled in the area of origin, Treviso, taking part in trade events as well as cultural ones; in fact Padoan is one of the Partners which contributed to the promotion of the XXXV edition of “Giovanni Comisso” literary prize.

On Saturday 1st October in the afternoon, the award ceremony of the  “Giovanni Comisso” literary prize took place at the Salone dei Trecento, with the participation of Mr Ennio Bianco, President of the Association “Amici di Comisso”, the honorary President, Neva Agnoletti, the local authorities, the jury and also of a large audience.

Padoan, whose mission is aimed at the global market, is equally aware of its origins and tradition, therefore it contributes and sponsors important local socio-cultural events, such as the Comisso Literary Prize. Padoan is an all-rounded reality thanks to important characteristics such as sustainability and social responsibility.

The enterprises’ commitment in supporting and sponsoring cultures is synonym of sensibility: it is a clear example of “doing together”, creating a network among companies and between companies and local institutions.

The winner of Comisso literary prize 2016, the writer Edgardo Franzosini, affirmed: according to an American writer of last century “writing can be compared with a swim holding your breath”. He meant that courage, passion, resistance, (taste of)challenge and curiosity for the unknown and unforeseen are necessary for writing; these are the same abilities and qualities required for establishing and managing a company. This great writer (his name was Francis Scott Fitzgerald) might not have added the intimate and big satisfaction, the beneficial self-confidence as well as in your work (but also the unexpected and pleasant surprise) that those who during this adventurous and often difficult swim meet someone who, because of it, reward you. Thank you again. - Edgardo Franzosini


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