Padoan Swiss SA has been inaugurated the last 23rd April with above 200 people. Many local authorities, among which Mr Aurelio Succetti, the Mayor of San Vittore, the National Councilor Mr Martin Candinas and the President of the Mesolcina Region Mr Samuele Censi, have attended this event.

Padoan Swiss SA, a Company controlled by the Italian Padoan Srl, has recently established in the constantly industrial developing area of San Vittore – Cantone dei Grigioni (Switzerland). The building is the work of a local businessman and was carried out in line with the most innovative construction and energetic technologies, environmentally friendly and in line with the company philosophy.

Padoan Swiss SA is the production headquarters for some new products, like the T20 oil tank. The building covers an area of over 1.000 square meters with 7 local employees. Padoan Swiss means specialization, applied technology and design.
“Padoan Swiss is a synonym of Swiss quality and Italian creativity. In our opinion this is the perfect union to develop the brand Padoan all over the world” said Mrs Stefania Padoan – General Manager of Padoan Swiss SA.

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With the introduction in the market of the new Euro6 motorizations, the space for the side installation of additional accessories  in the vehicle is increasingly reduced.

The rear installation is the better solution to equip a vehicle with an hydraulic system. For this reason Padoan offers the REAR CABIN CLASSIC LINE, a complete range of tanks with different liters. In particular, for the 180lt and 200lt capacities, which are the most popular and required tanks, some specific items have been enveloped.


1) NEWS ! From today a new item is at your disposal which can improve and reduce the amount of spaces: THE SUPPORT FOR THE RAPID CONNECTIONS BETWEEN THE TRACTOR AND THE TRUCK.  It is placed on the top part of the rear classic tank and it is held in place by the straps of the same tank. (see file attached).

The support is completely made in aluminum and offers a surface where the technician can realize several different types of applications: for the rapid air connectors, for  the electric-connections and for other additional connections.


2) The REAR FRAMEWORK FIXING KIT, presented in the 2011, allows to install the tank directly on the frame. Recently, has been improved with the add of the  drilling for the fixing of the tank-supports and with the  splitting of the wing side fastening, which improves the stability.

The use of the new support for connections and the fixing kit allows to obtain a quick and cleaning installation, fostering predispositions on the tank and without interventions of carpentry.

These two solutions assure a considerable saving of times and costs, reducing the final price of the system.


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