“We never have the materials when we need them”


“I don’t know where to place the last delivery of components”.

These are some of the well-known lines that sometimes (or more often, in some cases) can be heard in workshops and assembly lines.

Planning is not always easy, and the last few years have been dominated by accelerations and slowdowns in vehicle market demand. Component procurement is complex and suffers from delays, although the situation is gradually normalising in the last period.

These are some of the issues that make purchasing and delivery scheduling challenging in the context of the supply chain in the industrial vehicle world.

Therefore, the lead time of partners becomes crucial.

These aspects are at the core of our thoughts, also considering the fact that ‘downstream’ of our customers there are companies, local municipalities and users who suffer the consequences of delays and non-delivery of vehicles.


How does the Padoan team deal with this context?

We know and understand the needs of manufacturers, outfitters and distributors, and one of the values that has always distinguished our solutions is the delivery lead time.

This applies:

– for ‘N’ standard tanks, thanks to a constantly rotating and varied stock,

– for special and customised ‘X’ tanks, thanks to our planning department and the continuous coordination between customer representatives and our sales / customer care team.


What advantages does planning provide?

Especially for assembly lines, the ideal aim is a ‘just in time’ procurement strategy, which ensures a constant, yet dynamic flow without burdening the warehouse. Space, we know, is crucial.

Padoan in these cases combines planning and internal processes with frequent dialogue with customers.

There is also the possibility of providing useful collateral services to make the most of the collaboration between the parties for the benefit of our customers’ efficiency.


What happens if there are last minute requests?

Our team is ready to support you to define the best solution.

There is no doubt, however, that effective planning and a synergetic relationship between your team and our staff is key to achieving maximum efficiency.


I would still like to keep hydraulic tanks in stock, but I often don’t know whether installations will be focused on rear or side positions. What opportunities exist in this sense?

This sometimes seems like an obvious question but in reality, it is not.

Having a warehouse available, for fitters and distributors, also requires a certain variety.

In this sense, the DUAL range meets this need: a single tank for both installations, with side or rear mounting possible by choosing only the mounting kit. This means less tanks in stock, lower costs, quicker installation, and therefore efficiency.


Why deal with a supplier who manufactures tanks with industrialised processes?

In this matter, everyone is obviously free to evaluate the best opportunities offered by the market.

From our point of view, the vertical expertise of the Padoan team on hydraulic, diesel and combined tanks guarantees that the customer benefits of a know-how that is not only limited to technical aspects.

This is also expressed in the internal processes, in the dynamism of the organisation and in the cohesive supply chain dedicated to satisfying the targets of the market players who believe in our team to achieve their goals.


Contact our team to achieve your goals!