We would like to address the last reason regarding the choice of carrying a large quantity of fuel on your overland truck.

To decide if you want to have one or two tanks on your truck, you can read our last article, published here on Tank Tribe.

As we have established in those last articles, buying and mounting two tanks is obviously a larger investment than one. However, when you travel for a long time, these initial costs can be recovered quickly.

Plus the safety factor of having the complete amount of fuel in in two tanks is a big plus for us.

First off, it’s important to consider the regions you intend on traveling. Let’s be honest, there are very few places in the world where you won’t encounter a gas station over a distance of 2000km, unless you’re just driving through the desert in zig zag.

During the pandemic, we spent three years in Europe, so we would have never needed to fill our tanks completely because the next gas station is never far away.

But even though we didn’t need the full tank volume to travel to remote places, we used it to save money.

Following the motto „spend money to save money“, we refueled in countries or regions where fuel was cheaper, and we able to travel in places where it would have cost us a lot more to refuel.

For example, we refueled completely before leaving the Canary Islands.

Fuel on the islands is around €0.40 cheaper compared to mainland Spain. So when we filled our tanks, let’s say 700liters (leaving away the reserve in the tank), we saved €280.

The largest sum we were able to safe thanks to our large tank volume, was when we left Iran to Armenia and Georgia. Before crossing the border, we filled up our tanks with around €0.01/liter in Iran and continued to countries where diesel prices are around €1.10-1.20/liter. As you can already guess, we saved a lot of money! …around €700!

So what do you think, was it worth installing large tanks?

Last but not least: have a look here to check the petrol prices around the globe. https://www.globalpetrolprices.com/map/diesel/


Andrea & Mike

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