When planning a truck-conversion, there are lots of important questions to be answered.

Among them, is how much fuel will I be needing? But there are many other aspects to that question.

To answer it, you will have to ask yourself a few more questions:

– What is your travel destination?
– Do you want to drive off-road? – define the terrain
– How is the infrastructure in your desired destination?
– How high is the fuel consumption of your vehicle?
– What range of independence would you like to have?

We knew that we wanted to be able to cover large distances without having to worry about fuel supplies.

This does not only mean that we would never go to a town, but also that we have enough fuel to drive on, in case that a gas station in a small town is out of fuel or it turns out that is is long out of service, yes, that has happened to us – it’s a bad feeling, trust us.

Another fact is, that by fueling up at very frequented gas stations reduces the chance of getting diesel plague into you tanks.

We can carry up to 800liters of Diesel, and keeping in mind the reserve, we have 700l to use without having to worry. With an over-all average consumption of 26l/100km, this gives us a comfortable reach of 2692km, we always just round it to 2500km. It seems like a very big range, but it takes us to the next question.

Safety. It can happen, that you plan this beautiful drive through the mountains, and at some point, it’s not possible to go on, the only choice left, is to turn around. So depending on how you
far you have already driven, your fuel-supply should be enough to drive all the way back.

Also, at least in our case, we usually drive to unknown places, so we never know what surface to expect. If track turns into soft sand, the fuel consumption will go up drastically.

Of course, it’s impossible to predict every possible scenario, but by answering the above questions, you should have a pretty good idea of how big your fuel tanks should be.


Andrea & Mike

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