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Hydraulic oil tanks are designed and manufactured by Padoan in aluminium, painted steel (RAL 7021) and stainless steel.
Each tank, before packing, is tested by a specific equipment that certifies the hermetic seal according to principles of resistance through time and environmental protection.

The “Dual” system created by Padoan allows the use of different models of oil tanks both with side and rear fastening. This is possible with the simple replacement of mounting kit.

Monobracket models are also available for specific requirements.
Hydraulic oil tanks are available in standard “N” and customized “X” versions.

The “N” range includes 9 models characterized by sidewall dimensions: 26/36, 36/26, 44/54, 50/64, 50/64 T20, 63/70, 70/63, 70/70 and 63/27 with a minimum capacity of 30 litres and a maximum capacity of 400 litres.

The “X” range is based on standard tanks and is made according to the customer’s requirements and the technical needs of the application and the vehicle/machinery involved: number and position of suction connections and returns, body length and tank capacity just for example.

A wide range of accessories for oil tanks is available in constant implementation.

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