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2024 – Together we build the future

WETANKYOU is our mission, everyday at the side of the leading players in the industry, while representing a partner for the users of the applications.

The users, in turn, create value for others with their daily work through activities and services.

We experience every day the potential of working together as a community. In the 2024 calendar, we want to highlight some of the emotional moments and experiences that are possible through shared value.

A journey, a move, the free time, the creation of new energy sources, the new life of products; all activities are condensed into moments and emotions, which have the work of many behind them.

Together we build the future, each with our own contribution.

2023 – Visions of our future

Future is the watchword and who could represent it better than children and kids?

The Padoan 2023 calendar is made of drawings of the daughters, sons and grandchildren of our team who wanted to share their vision of some applications served by Padoan’s solutions.

Designing he future is a fundamental starting point, the result of creativity, collaboration, sharing of ideas, empathy and teamwork.

As #tankspecialist, we are committed to work every day by your side to design the future with cutting-edge solutions in the field of mobile hydraulics and vehicle/machinery applications.

We look forward to achieving your goals together.

2022 – Daily stories of work

Padoan’s 2022 calendar is dedicated to the project “TANK TRIBE – Daily stories of work”.

#TankTribe wants to be our way to thank and involve those who, every day, through their work and their vehicle, create value for the collectivity.

Every day, vehicles, and people all around the world write together daily stories of work.

The artist Giampiero Ruggieri, already the author of the illustrations dedicated to our staff for the 2021 calendar, has created the sketches to tell 2022 year with a common denominator: passion.

#TankTribe is a long-term project that allows all users to share their own photos and stories by uploading them on www.padoan.it/tank-tribe.

2021 – Focus on people

The challenging times we are living in have been increasingly showing the value that people have in our daily lives, our business and the support of our customers and end users.
For this reason, the 2021 calendar is dedicated to “People who create solutions“.
We firmly believe in our people, who support you at their best and help achieving your goals.
In the calendar, you will find the whole Padoan Group team, based in our HQ in Italy, and our companies in Switzerland, Germany and Chile.
Each person contributes to creating the value that we share with you every day.
Our solutions are designed to be suitable for several applications and meet all your technical needs.

This is us, for you.


2020 – The beginning of Vision2030

We have started from a white page. We have collected our visions and targets into the plan to reach our future goals for the next 10 years.

The challenging future needs an effective approach, based on a vision shared with our clients and stakeholders.
The development of our products will be more and more focused on the clients’ needs, working with them side by side on they projects, achieving their goals.
We want to be a partner, more than a supplier, sharing value and knowledge.

The care for the environment, customers and internal staff, is one of the best tool to create our future.