The daily use of a vehicle, and the working conditions, can lead to replace a diesel tank or install an additional one.

Wear over time, the need for increased range, demanding working conditions or tough impacts often make it necessary to replace the tank. There are many factors to take into account and different solutions, so it is very important to analyse this problem as a whole.

Both the replacement and the implementation of a diesel tank also involve the need to modify and work on the components associated with the tank.

In order to evaluate all solutions in the best possible way, it is important to first of all consider the year of registration of the vehicle on which the tank is installed.

On more recent vehicles, when the aim is to extend the range, you can choose to replace the original tank with a Padoan tank, available in standard versions up to 960 litres of capacity. In this case, the installation will also involve the replacement of the level indicator. Care in the choice of this device is essential to ensure proper communication between the tank and the visual indicator in the dashboard.
From this point of view Padoan has always worked in order to provide a complete solution, and that is why there are many diesel sensors available, compatible with different brands and models, with the correct length associated with the required tank.

If the target is the extension of the autonomy with the installation of a Padoan auxiliary tank, our catalogue also provides the connection kit and the vdo cap useful to easily complete the installation.

The approach is different if the need is to replace a diesel tank on a less recent vehicle.  In fact, the original level indicator is not always available or can be replaced with another compatible one.
In these cases Padoan provides a specific kit that includes, in addition to the diesel tank, an indicator including a display device to be installed in the cabin. The visual cab indicator has a design conceived for an easy installation and guarantees an effective solution to possible compatibility issues, bypassing the original cab indicator of the vehicle.

Padoan’s focus is to ensure a complete solution for its customers and users both in case of replacement and implementation of the diesel tank. An aim that is reflected in the attention of the internal technical team, which is available to evaluate every specific need on a case by case basis.

To find the right solution, contact us or browse our tank and accessories catalogue.