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Focus on hydraulic oil solution 70/70R (90 and 180 liters of full capacity)

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The new hydraulic oil solution 70/70R stands out with a minimum depth of 230 mm, available with one or two tanks.

The R&D department has studied the increasingly urgent need to install hydraulic tanks in the limited space available on the vehicle.

This requirement is due in particular to the space occupied by existing chassis-mounted fuel tanks for alternative motorisation, which require an increase in the vehicle’s range by reducing the refuelling frequency.

This led to the creation of the rear-cab solution, which can be installed in two configurations:
– One tank: 90 litres (85 litres at the level indicator)
– Two tanks: 180 litres in total (170 at the level indicator).

This innovation provides hydraulic applications with consistent fluid availability while optimising flow, fluid temperature, ease of installation and maintenance.
This solution includes a shock absorbing frame mounting system, with a multi-fitting layout compatible with a wide range of vehicle frames.

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