TLine 85/18 is the new Padoan solution for hydraulic applications installed on industrial and commercial vehicles.

“Line” is the concept representing the limited 180 mm depth of this new hydraulic oil tank that meets the needs of the new frontiers of mobility through premium finishing and industrialised manufacturing.

Sustainable mobility has, in fact, radically changed the management of available space on the chassis.
While, historically, diesel tanks left room for the hydraulic oil tank, LNG/CNG tanks and electric packs occupy most of the space on the vehicle.

This is becoming increasingly strategic, as the lack of space is severely limiting the way in which hydraulic tanks can be installed on vehicles equipped with a wide range of applications, and the usual tanks cannot always be installed behind the cab.

TLine 85/18 had its world premiere at the IAA 2022 in Hanover.

The absolute novelty lies in the extremely reduced depth of the tank body, which is only 180mm. The 850 mm height of the tank body allows the standard tanks to be developed with a total capacity of 150, 180 and 200 litres of hydraulic oil.

A shock-absorbing and easy-to-install mounting kit, as well as premium accessories, complete the offer of a solution dedicated to vehicles with extremely limited available space, and at the same time equipped with sophisticated hydraulic applications that require a large volume of fluid for their operation.

The production process, despite the very compact dimensions of the tank, is automated and involves state-of-the-art technology to deliver a single tank body, realised through the use of MIG/MAG welding technology and automated robots.

Cutting-edge production technology is combined with a premium finish, thanks to the use of raw materials (aluminium, steel and stainless steel) used in the automotive industry, which allow the best expression of the value of the vehicle and application served.

Reliability and tightness are tested by systematically inspecting each tank through a sophisticated machinery that detects microleaks. The technology used for quality control allows additional attention paid to preserving the environment from leakages.

TLine 85/18, developed through intensive and continuous dialogue with the market and users, aims to provide an effective and efficient solution combining quality, technology and compact footprint.

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