The right pressure in our daily lives is essential, allowing us to be focused on our goals but at the same time not stressed.

Pressure is equally important in the hydraulic/motor field, and today we want to take a closer look at an issue that is strategic for the correct operation of hydraulic, diesel and combined tanks.

Checking its level is therefore essential.

Daily tank use behaviour is crucial to avoid jeopardising the system or the vehicle.

Starting with hydraulic tanks, it is necessary to take into consideration the consistency of the suction and return flows. In normal use, the depression caused by the suction is compensated by the cap with air breather, in the case of the return flow the pressure is managed by the return filter. It is therefore essential to periodically replace the return filter cartridge (semi-immersedEasy Kit or Easy Filter) and the oil cap compensation cartridge (air breather cap), to prevent filter breakage or tank implosion.

In addition to the replacement cartridges, which should be replaced every six months at the most (or more frequently according to the working conditions), Padoan also provides a visual pressure indicator to be applied on the filter.

At the same time, diesel and combined tanks can also be affected by careless behaviour.

In case of coupling of aftermarket tanks or replacing of original ones it is very important to choose the correct tank, as well as the level indicator, so the suction device. This aspect is fundamental because it manages the suction and return of the diesel fuel and involve both of coupling with original tanks already installed or the replacing of the original ones.

Last but not least, it is necessary to avoid dangerous practices such as filling the secondary tank with pressurised air in order to force the flow of diesel towards the master tank.

Our team is always ready to improve the support to our partners and end users.
For this reason, in order to prevent incorrect and dangerous behaviours, and to help further extending the life of both the tanks and the application/vehicle, from mid-February our combined tanks will be equipped with a new sticker to increase awareness of correct behaviour.

Please, do not hesitate to contact our team to evaluate any opportunity, even those related to spare parts or for tips on tank care.

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