The Work Truck Show 2020, on its 20th Anniversary, is around the corner.

Today is also “the day”, with the publishing of our website specifically focused on North America:

We are strongly committed on North America, members of NTEA since 2018, and this edition of the show is a step further for our organization towards our customers’ needs.

We will be glad to welcome you to evaluate together your needs and targets.

This is the spirit who drives us in our daily work and allows us to be update on market requirements providing innovative and efficient solutions.

Our wide range of hydraulic tanks / reservoirs in aluminium, painted steel and stainless steel, is ready to be a long-life partner on work trucks and machineries.

Padoan is also glad to introduce on the North American market the brand new “64/50 hydraulic tank/reservoir”, from 75 to 100 GAL with a specific mounting kit which includes springs to absorb vibrations and to preserve the tank.

Another brand new solution for the market is “Easy Kit”, an efficient solution which merges the needs of return oil filtration with the valve plate with multiple hole combinations to fits with several tipping valves available on the market.

64/50 tank and Easy Kit are both listed as NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT and are also canditate for the Innovation Award.

We are ready to meet you in Indianapolis, do not hesitate to contact us for a free pass (Padoan Promo Code WT376) and have a look to our profile on Work Truck Show website (Click here)