Mobility runs the world, both for people and goods.

New powertrain technologies drive the investments of OEMs and companies involved in various fields such as transport, recycling and urban activities.

Every day, we see new trucks and vehicles introduced in the market as players in the green deal, but there is also another, perhaps less famous but nonetheless interesting way: RETROFIT.

It is possible to replace carbon engines with hydrogen and electric engines, giving vehicles (LCVs and HGVs) a new life.

This is a true all-round sustainability that can support the transition that is being driven by the world’s leading manufacturers anyway.

In this positive scenario there is also an aspect to consider.

Hydrogen and electric mobility need to replace the diesel tanks and use all the space of the chassis for hydrogen tanks or battery packs.

This is true also for LNG and CNG trucks.

So let’s come to hydraulics: how can I supply hydraulic oil to the application?

Sometimes people rely on hand-made containers, but as #tankspecialists we have developed TLINE 85/18, the solution designed to answer this question.

With a depth of only 180 mm, it fits into narrow spaces behind the cab, providing 150 to 200 litres of hydraulic oil.
In addition, a shock absorber mounting kit manages vibrations and an additional spacer can increase the height from the chassis by 81 mm in the case of system components or vehicle transmission elements with a considerable height.

Cables and connector can be holded by the included lower suzie plate and by the upper suzie plate available as accessory.

Where you can meet TLINE 85/18? The next opportunity is from 21st to 25th November at Solutrans show in Lyon.

Booth 3B043

Here a video published from SOLUTRANS organization: