A very important variable in the operation of a hydraulic system is the hydraulic oil temperature.
Many elements play a part in this, first and foremost the type of hydraulic system/application, the frequency of fluid circulation, the layout and components of the hydraulic system, but also the surfaces available to dissipate heat.

Therefore, the hydraulic tank becomes important not only as a container that preserves the qualities and characteristics of the fluid, but also as a heat dissipation vector.

If internal cleanliness is a primary aspect for guaranteeing the life of the hydraulic system, the temperature is a sensitive variable for the performance of the parts involved.

The raw materials, so steel, aluminium and stainless steel, are fundamental “partners” because, as metals, they are excellent heat conductors and can therefore contribute significantly to the efficiency of the fluid.

The perimeter surfaces of the tanks are in fact primarily involved in heat exchange.

This aspect, combined with a uniform shape of the tank that facilitates the neat circulation of the fluid thanks to large areas in contact with the external atmosphere, is a plus for the system.

Furthermore, in metal tanks, the suction and return connections also preserve their characteristics as they are built as an integral part of the tank.
As there is no break in continuity between materials, they do not suffer from fluid leakage, which can sometimes occur when the coupling is made with elements that are affected by temperature changes and deformation.

Metal tanks, moreover, have a dimensional stability against external agents, in particular with reference to sunlight and temperature changes, also drastic, being able to face any working condition, even the most extreme.

This is why Padoan, also regarding the collateral components, has chosen to use metals, as it happens for the visual level indicator (spy eye), for the dipstick (level gauge) and for return filters.

Padoan, among its variety of solutions, has focused on steel, aluminium and stainless steel in order to guarantee the necessary characteristics to be a long lasting partner.

The range of hydraulic tanks for industrial vehicles counts, between families and standard capacities, more than 80 versions, from 30 to 400 litres of capacity.

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