Passion is the key word at this Work Truck Week in Indianapolis.

We felt it when talking with all of you, members of the trucking industry who are working hard to create new opportunities every day.

As #tankspecialists, we are daily focused on taking care of hydraulic applications and work trucks.

This is essential to support the people who take care of other people every day with their trucks and systems, creating value.

The service provided by the work truck industry is not always valued enough.

Every day cranes, tippers, dump trucks, rescue vehicles, compactors, snowplows, lifting platforms and many other applications serve the world.

This is our commitment: to take care of the systems by being at the heart of them.

This is possible through state-of-the-art processes, replicability, automation, quality control, and the most important ingredient: people who believe that “it’s not just a tank.”

Talking with all of you, members of the work vehicle industry, we shared visions and goals.

Every day, but also and especially during these two and a half days, we met people who ask, “Why do I have to keep welding my tank if you can provide me with one made by specialists?”

This is, more and more often, the question that OEMs, bodybuilders and upfitters are asking.

This is definitely where we start, supporting you in providing not only cutting-edge hydraulic oil tanks, but also in designing the best one for your application.

In our three lines of tanks (low-capacity, dual, and vertical) we have synthesized the three main purposes:

compact applications (8 to 13 GAL),
the need for a single tank for both saddle and upright mounting (18 to 106 GAL), so that a single body can serve two different installations by simply changing the mounting kit,
the focus on vertical application only (39 to 100 GAL) to install the tank behind the cab.
These goals stem directly from your daily needs, and we are confident that we have the answers to your requirements.

Now is the time to run by your side to take your hydraulic application to the next level.

We keep mixing technology and style, to improve your work trucks.

Contact us, we will introduce you to your new partner in business.